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Game 143: Countdown to 100 stands at 17



  • Not Good: Jordan Zimmermann (-33.3%) struggles through 3 IP, walking 3 and striking out 1, not to mention giving up 4 ER and 2 HRs, including a two-run shot in the 3rd that put the Nats down by 3 (-16.2%).
  • Rally time: Ivan Rodriguez hits a 2-run single to bring the Nats within one in the 2nd (+12.5%).  Jordan Zimmerann (-9.8%) GDPs to end the rally after failing to get a bunt down.
  • Rally time 2.0: Roger Bernadina (+8.5%) singles in a run to bring the Nats within one in the 5th (+12.2%).  Nyjer Morgan (-9.5%) ends the rally with a bases-loaded ground out.
  • Leader of the club: Mike Morse (+12.6%) is 1-1 with two walks and a run scored.
  • Reliable: Joel Peralta (+14.6%) throws 2 scoreless with a walk and a strikeout.