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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals, Adam Dunn, Nyjer Morgan, Livan Hernandez.

• In the latest installment of's Jen Royle's interview series with Adam Dunn, the MASN reporter asks the Nats' slugger if there are any updates at all about his contract negotiations with the Washington Nationals, and Dunn, as some have pointed out here, says that at this point there's no rush to get anything, uh, done: 

Adam Dunn: "...especially now, that it's getting so late in the season...there's really no immediate hurry to do anything, cause nobody can get traded, or nobody can get traded for, or you can't sign a free agent until November or something, so we got a lot of time to talk about it." 

Asked if he wanted to get a deal done quickly once the season was over, the Nats' slugger, who signed late last winter said, "I want whatever's going to happen, hopefully it's obviously here, but early, early in the season, so I can plan for where I'm going to stay and things like that. So, hopefully it's here, but if not, hopefully it gets done fairly early." 

• Later in the interview, Dunn addressed the situation with his teammate, Nyjer Morgan, who's facing a suspension, but currently waiting on MLB's ruling following a meeting with the league last Friday, saying he wasn't concerned with what's gone on with Morgan recently, "Everything kind of compiled and everybody jumped on him and there's some things that he did that aren't deserving of the punishment." "He'll be the first to tell you he does some stupid stuff," Dunn continued, "but he can't control it, he's such an emotional guy." As of this afternoon, MLB still hasn't ruled on how many of the games of the combined 15 games he was facing Morgan would have to miss, but with just 18 games remaining they can't wait too long to make a decision. 

• Tonight's starter, Livan Hernandez, has allowed a total of 32 hits and 23 ER in 21.1 IP over his last 4 starts, and the Nats are just 2-6 with Mr. National on the mound since August. The veteran right-hander started against Atlanta on August 18th, surrendering two runs in 7.0 innings pitched of a 3-2 loss the Braves. On the season, the 35-year-old starter has allowed 20 hits, 7 R, 6 ER and 9 walks in 16.1 IP against the Nats' division rivals, against whom Washington is 6-7 in 13 games.