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Wire Taps: Nyjer Morgan's Seven-Game Suspension Dropped, Eight-Game Suspension Starts Friday.

The seven-game suspension for reportedly throwing a ball into the stands and hitting a fan last time the Washington Nationals were in Philadelphia has been thrown out according to Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore's latest Nationals Journal post entitled, "Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games", but as it says in the title, the Nats' outfielder Nyjer Morgan will serve the full eight-game suspension he received for his role in the bench-clearing brawl between the Nationals and Florida Marlins that occurred after Marlins' right-hander Chris Volstad hit Morgan with two purpose pitches in the same game after he and his Fish teammates decided Morgan wasn't properly chastened by the first of the two which was thrown in retaliation not just for his crushing hit on Marlins' catcher Brett Hayes the previous night, but also, according to Fish infielder Wes Helms, for the unneccesary run Morgan took at Cardinals' backstop Bryan Anderson in a game earlier that week. 

The initial official MLB Press Release on Morgan's suspension, before his appeal and meeting with the MLB brass, cited "a series of recent incidents" including Morgan's collision with the Cards' catcher, "...inappropriate comments toward the fans during the 10th inning," of an August 31st game against Florida, the on-field brawl with the Marlins on September 1st and the fact that Morgan, "...directed inappropriate gestures and comments towards the fans as he left the field following the incident."

Morgan will now miss half of the 16 games remaining on the Nats' 2010 schedule, during which time Mr. Kilgore suggests both Justin Maxwell and Willie Harris could see time in center field, but he'll be eligible to return for the Nats' 8/25 game against Atlanta.