Run with the First Ladies (of baseball)

The Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K will take place in West Potomac Park on Sat., Sept. 25, at 8 am. The race supports the efforts of the foundation to educate people on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and help decrease the risk of developing cancer. It's a relatively small race for the D.C. area, maybe just a few hundred runners and walkers. Andrea Roane of Channel 9 will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies. Denise Austin is the Honorary Chairperson.

More relevant to this website is the team competition at the race. Any group of people can start up a team for this race. When I registered, I noticed that the list of current teams includes the Washington Nationals First Ladies. Cool. So if you're up for a 5K run or run/walk next week, why not sign up for this race and get a chance to meet and run with some of the Nationals First Ladies.

I don't know how many of the First Ladies will be participating but I'd guess that there will be a good number because they started up a team. The Nats are playing at home that weekend so I'd guess that some of the Nats players will show up at the race, even though they have an afternoon game that day. The race should be over by 9 am and West Potomac Park is a very short drive to Nationals Park, so I think it's possible for the players to be on hand for the race and still make it to the stadium for their warm-ups.

If this sounds like fun, check out the official website. You'll be supporting a good cause. You'll get a chance to run with other fitness-minded Washingtonians. And you may get a chance to meet some of the Nats First Ladies and possibly some of the Nats players in a non-baseball setting. I signed up yesterday. There's still time to register. It'll be a great way to kick off the fall and mark the end of the baseball season at the same time.

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