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Game 148: Cheep HRs + LOB = 14 more to 100



  • Good start, but...: Ian Desmond (%) triples in the first to put the Nats up 1-0 (-13.8%). He was still there three outs later...
  • Shaky: Jordan Zimmermann (-31.3%) can't keep it the tiny confines of the Philly little league park, giving up 5 ER in only 3 IP, despite 3 Ks and one 1 BB.
  • NOOOOOOOOO! Wilson Ramos (-15.9%) flies out to shallow RF with the bases loaded and one out, damping an 8th-inning rally (-9.2%).  Willie Harris (-4.4%) strikes out next to extinguish it entirely (-8.7%).
  • Not clutch: Despite J-Zim's weak start, the team could have had a chance--had they done better than 1-8 with RISP, leaving 9 on base and combining for -25.9% WPA in the batter's box.