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Game 149: It'll be nice to have a degree to fall back on (countdown to 100 at 13)



  • Painful: Drew Storen (-95.4%) comes in with a 3-run lead and it's not enough, as he records no outs and gives up 4 hits, including a legit two-run HR to lose it (-65.2%).
  • Momentary hope: Mike Morse (+43.5%) makes a bid to be the hero with a go-ahead, two-out, three-run homer in the 6th (+39.1%).
  • Enjoying teh cheepiez: Willie Harris (+11.7%) and Danny Espinosa (+2.4%) each hit solo shots, for the early lead (+10.9%) and to tack on (+13.9%), respectively.
  • No help today: Ryan Zimmerman (-10.2%) is 0-5 with an error.
  • Still struggling: Yunesky Maya (-12.2% pitching, -9.7% hitting) goes 4.2 with 2 Ks, 2 BBs, 3 ER and a nonsense balk call.  He also fails to sac bunt, erasing the lead runner instead.