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Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/2/10

That was an interesting game last night. Nyjer Morgan has been out of control for the last week or so. I am really not sure what is up with him. I have never seen a player go from a nice likeable somewhat funny guy to a thug in such a short amount of time. Was this always there? Maybe it is just that his baseball IQ is that bad and he just doesn't get it. --Mark Zuckerman from

The one interesting thing I found in Goessling's game story was that commenters told him he should have seen it coming. Seen it coming from when? We all knew the Marlins would want vengence yesterday, but Nyjer has never been like this before. In a way it is kind of sad. I don't know if something happenned off the field to set him off like this or what, but this just doesn't seem like the Nyjer we saw before. Maybe all the struggling has really gotten into his head and he just had to explode. I just don't know, but I don't think we should have seen or expected anything like this to happen. --Ben Goessling from

There are a lot of blogs calling for Nyjer's head today. The one thing I disagree with here is saying Listach shouldn't have been involved. As a coach you have to stand up for your players. --Steven at 

I remember when I was on the wrestling team in High School at my first meet in my first match I had no coach in my corner. Before the match began my opponent shock hands with the ref and the ref asked him about his family. I didn't have a good feeling in my mind at that moment. When the match started I was flat out dominant. I threw the guy around like a rag doll. This was going to be an easy victory, and then penalty for locking hands. My hands weren't locked, but there was no one there to defend me. After the ref called it two more times and I told him my hand weren't even touching on the last one he told me it didn't matter if they were close he would call it. I had a victory stolen from me by poor officiating, and there wasn't a coach in site to stand up for me. Nyjer may have been in the wrong, but he had twenty Marlins on top of him. Listach had to do something.   

And incase you haven't seen it here is the video of it. It has the Marlins commentators who also think Listach should have let Morgan get curb stomped by 20 Marlins. --Barry Petchesky

Morgan also had some other issues with a Marlins fan during Tuesday's game. --Dan Steinberg in The DC Sports Bog


The Nationals picked the perfect day to fire Rob Dibble. All of that news and more after the jump.

After his comments about Strasburg, and veiled threats to "irresponsible bloggers" it was just a matter of time before Dibble got let go, and yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day as it will be widly ignored due to the Morgan brawl. --J. Freedom duLac from The Washington Post

Rob Dibble finally says the right thing, but it is too little too late. --Dan Steinberg in The DC Sports Bog

Who should replace Dibs? The answer may be closer than we think, and might already be calling games. --Chris Needham at

Does anyone really view Bernadina as a piece to be built around. I know I think of him as a below average right fielder, but if he moves to center he would be above average there. He isn't a superstar, but he is decent, and how many teams have eight superstars? You need roll players to win too. --Harper at

Maya made what is most likely his last minor league start, and Sammy Solis made his first professional start, and both of them did pretty well. --Byron Kerr

After Scott Olsen's terrible start last night have we seen the last of him? Also can you call someone a dirtball in a good way? A look at the future of the Nationals minus Scott Olsen and plus Danny Espinosa. --Adam Kilgore

So, telling everyone that a lot of guys have recovered from TJS and balancing it out by gently reminding people that Strasburg might never be the same is irresponsible? Two non-baseball guys that used to work in DC comment on how they think Boswell and others should be running around telling everyone the sky is falling. --Mike Prada from

Wondering what to expect from Espinosa and Ramos and how they might be used. Rizzo and Riggleman say expect to see a lot of them. --Adam Kilgore from 

Nationals giving away free tickets. This is a good deal, but I hope it also comes with some lowering of ticket prices for those of us that already have season tickets. --Dave Nichols at     

I am going to be enjoying some IC beer and Primanti Bros sandwhiches in the city of bridges this weekend. This will be the ninth city I have watched baseball in this year, which makes me really want to get a tenth city in. Anyone else out there going to venture up to Western Pa to remind them that Ovechkin is better than Crosby while watching some baseball? --Kristen Hudak from

Last week I wrote what might be the forward to the book I am going to be working on. It is still being edited and will be up in a week or so, but until I am ready to start working on the real book I have decided to write some sample chapters so i can get some early feedback and to get my mind fresh for the task. --Me at 'Til Death Do Us Part (Working Title)

General Baseball

The race between seven teams for four spots is exciting and could get even better as we get closer to October. Other things to watch include Joey Votto and Albert Pujols' race for the triple crown. --Joe Sheehan at

Of course Omar Infante might have something to say about that. He already kept Ryan Zimmerman out of the all-star game why shouldn't he cost us the chance to see something cool that hasn't happenned for awhile. Jerk. --Jon Bois

It is really unfortunate that Zimmerman plays for a losing team. If the Nationals had happenned to win or even be closer to .500 this year his name would be right in there for the NL MVP award. Here is a breakdown of all the races for awards, with no mention of Zimmerman and his NL leading WAR. --Cliff Corcoran from   

Baseball is meant to be fun and teammates are meant to pick on each other, and what better way to do it than through at bat music. --Barry Petchesky from

The Astros got off to a pretty bad start, but with younger and more focussed players they are hitting a late season stride. --Ken Rosenthal

Certain cities might be in a pennant race, but you wouldn't know that from looking at attendance. --Ken Davidoff from

By now i am sure you have heard about Chapman and his 104 MPH fastball. The question now is does he end up like David Price or Jonathan Papelbon, and does he really have value as a reliever. --Jack Moore at

Here is how I viewthe debate on the value of a closer. It is like water. When you are drowning it is extremely overrated, but if you are walking in the desert it is extremely underrated. Look no further than last year compared to this year for the Nationals. Last year the Nationals couldn't do enough to get a closer, and this year the Nationals had enough guys that could be closers that they could afford to trade away Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos. --Joe Posnanski from

Enjoy your off-day folks and I will be back tomorrow to bring you more on the evolution of the Nationals.