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Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/21/10

That wasn't a very fun game last night. It pretty much showed everything that has been wrong with the Nationals this season; can't sustain offense, errors, and poor starting pitching. --Ben Goessling at

 While there are improvements around the diamond it isn't showing up in the record. --Mark Zuckerman from

And of course it was the smallest crowd in the history of the Nationals to watch a game. --Adam Kilgore from

Strasburg is not in a talking mood while healing from TJS. --Dave Sheinin in The Washington Post

According to manager Jim Riggleman there is no chance Danny Espinosa is the starting shortstop for the Nationals next season. --Bill Ladson via twitter    

The Nationals need starting pitching and there is one interesting name (Zack Grienke) that might get traded this off-season, and the Nationals could be interested. --William Yoder at

More about the Nats and baseball after the jump. 

Drew Storen still has things to learn about closing ballgames and also product design as he heads back to Stanford this Winter. --David Brown at

Justin Maxwell expects to be back in the line-up soon. --Adam Kilgore from

If Adam Dunn stays a National it is a major blow to the free agent market. --Paul White from

Around the NL East

Top GM canidates might not be interested in the Mets job. --Ben Nicholson-Smith from

In the past the Phillies have relied on their line-up to carry them, but this season it is the pitching that might carry them deep in the post-season. --Jerry Crasnick at

General Baseball

A video look at all the broken bats that could have injured players, coaches, or fans. --David Mathews

Should we still even really be asking the question of when or if baseball will solve the maple bat issue? --Craig Calcaterra from

Troy Tulowitzki missed some time, but has put up better rate stats than anyone in the NL this season, and is one of the main reasons for the Rockies surge. Is it enough to consider him for the MVP? --Dave Cameron from

We have heard from writers and fans, and now it is time to hear from a few of the men that run baseball clubs. Most execs are Team Felix with one lone exec playing the wild card and going for Team Price. I guess that is like Team Harry Potter in my Twilight analogy. --Jon Heyman from

A detailed look back at every start C.C. and Felix have had this season, and who has the edge in the arbitrary and made up PosCy points race. --Joe Posnanski at

Maybe tonight goes better than last night. At times the Nationals really depress me.