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Game 151: SIXTY-THREE!!



  • Vintage: John Lannan (-4.2%) goes 7 innings, allowing 3 ER, striking out 3, walking 1, and getting no run support.
  • TWO-OUT RALLY!! Ivan Rodriguez (+43.8%) hits a two-run shot to tie the game in the 8th (+40.1%);  Adam Kennedy (+27.0%) gets the go-ahead run with a PH single (+27.0%); Justin Maxwell (+15.3%) scores on a WP (+6.0%); Ian Desmond (-8.8%) singles in a run (+4.0%); Adam Dunn (+7.0%) singles in a run (+1.6%); and Ryan Zimmerman (-7.2%) tacks on with an RBI single (+0.8%) to plate the 7th run of the inning... all with two outs.
  • Ten-game winner: Tyler Clippard (+3.3%) comes on to throw an exciting (but scoreless) 8th, fanning two and walking two.
  • Spinout: Danny Espinosa (-20.1%) is 0-4 with a walk, some hard-hit outs, and some mighty fine glovework.