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Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/22/10

The players that are playing well picked up the players that are playing out the string in route to the Nationals' 63rd victory of the season. --Ben Goessling from

Jim Riggleman's decision to pull Drew Storen in the 9th is rightly being questioned by many around the internet today. --Dave Nichols at

Riggleman explains. --Adam Kilgore from

Another writer taking Riggleman to task for his decision and comments that, "no one has a set role*."

*I am not so convinced that Burnett shouldn't be the closer next year. I am also not convinced that Storen's struggles aren't because he went from college to the minors to the AFL to spring training to the minors to the majors, and with a couple monthes off this winter he will be refreshed and ready to go next season.

More on the Nats and baseball after the jump.    

Bernadina has proven he can be a useful major leaguer, but hasn't shown that he is an every day player. --Mark Zuckerman at

It is never easy to evaluate talent, but it might be easier to do so in September than March. --Jim Riggleman video blog at

Bryce Harper and some other guys are busy in the instructional league, and a Flores sighting. --Mark Zuckerman at

Destin Hood is one of the other guys, but he is also in Veira and is looking to build off what some view as a promising season. --Byron Kerr from

Monday's game was depressing and it made some Nats fans question if the organization had gone back to their old ways. --DangerNat at

Noted clubhouse cancer and former Nat, Felipe Lopez, has worn out his welcome with yet another team. --Rick Hummel from

Nationals' prospect testifies that some in the organization knew he wasn't the age he said he was. --Melissa Segura at

Jose Rijo said he heard rumors, but there are rumors about everyone on the island. --Adam Kilgore from

Nationals reach two year deal with the Auburn Doubledays of the New York-Penn league. --Bill Ladson at 

With the Nationals struggling to draw a crowd it might be smart to give Harper a September call-up next season if he proves he is ready.

Just how much have the Nationals improved? Here is a quick test. Think of the holes last off-season; 2nd, short stop, catcher, right field, starting pitching, bullpen, and bench, and now this coming off-season; 1st (possibly), right field, center field, starting pitching (but not as bad), and bench (could take care of itself if they solve the right field and center field holes through trades or free agents). --Ben Goessling at

Around the NL East

Cole Hamels has worked out his mental issues, added a pitch, and is back to being one of the most dangerous pitchers in the NL. --Jeff Passan

Bobby Cox is not going to go away quietly as he has the Braves ready to fight for a playoff spot until the bitter, bloody end. --Jeff Passan at

General Baseball

The Twins aren't going to be part of game 163 this year as they are the first team to clinch their division. --Joe Lemire from

Man arrested trying to blow up Frat Boy convention at Wrigley Field. --Aaron Gleeman at

Rawlings is holding up the process of MLB introducing the Bat Glove as standard issue equipment, but it might not be for bad reasons. --Jeff Passan at

Kevin Towers to be named GM of the Diamondbacks. --Jon Heyman from

Lazy and bad journalist watch out. Today is a one day only special appearance of the FJM crew at deadspin. --Daulerio at

I think last night the Nationals scored more runs with 2 outs in that one inning than they might have all season long. Maybe tonight they can build off that momentum and win these last couple against the Astros and find five games to win against the Mets, Braves, and Phillies to get to 70 wins on the year.