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Washington Nationals Take Three Of Four From Houston Astros, 7-2 Tonight. Michael Morse Wants To Play!!!

Tonight's Top 5: 

5. Stan Kasten Resigns, Nats Down Early: Just hours after the Washington Nationals' team President Stan Kasten officially announced his resignation, telling reporters**, "When I came here in 2006, I made a commitment to stay for five years, through the end of the 2010 season. About a year ago or so, I went to the [Lerner] family and told them I would not be staying beyond that five-year commitment. So what I'm here to tell you today is that I'll be leaving the Nats at the end of the season,'" the Nats took the field in front of a few thousand fans to take on the Houston Astros in the finale of the two team's four-game series in the nation's capital. D.C. lefty Ross Detwiler allowed a single, stolen base and RBI double in the first when Jason Bourgeois led off with a line drive to center, took second and scored on a run-scoring two-bagger by Jeff Keppinger that got over a stumbling Justin Maxwell in center, who fell as he desperately retreated toward the track. 1-0 Astros after a half.

4. MOAR MORSE!! OPPO-BOPPO!!!: Houston's journeyman starter Nelson Figueroa, who, you'll remember, once referred to the Elijah Dukes-era Nats as a team of "softball girls", gives up an opposite field HR on a "fastball" outside that Michael Morse powers out to right and over the fence into the Nats' bullpen for his 13th HR of 2010 and a 1-1 tie with the Astros. All the way the other way for some OPPO-BOPPO action in the Nats' second. Q: "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?" A: [Shouts] "MICHAEL MORSE!!"

(ed. note: " ** = Thanks to Dave Nichols from the Nats News Network for quotes. Read full article by Mr. Nichols entitled, "Kasten Confirms Resignation, Says 'This is just about me'" HERE.")

3. Desi And Spinner, Spinner And Desi: Humberto Quintero grounds to third in the Astros' second, Alberto Gonzalez makes a low throw to Danny Espinosa at second base, and Espinosa catches, transfers and throws to first as Angel Sanchez slides in hard, but it gets to Adam Kennedy in time for an inning-ending 5-4-3 DP and a half-inning later the Nats tie it up on Morse's HR. Ross Detwiler gives up a leadoff single to the opposing pitcher, who lifts a soft liner just over a leaping Espinosa at second, but Figueroa's doubled up at first when he comes off the bag on a Jason Bourgeois' liner to Ian Desmond at short, Desi to first, 5-3 DP!!. E: 121: Humberto Quintero singles to start Houston's fifth and two outs later he's on third with a runner on first after a sac bunt, flyout and two-out single by Jeff Keppinger. Ross Detwiler gives up a sharp grounder with eyes for center by Hunter Pence, Desi gets there somehow, but makes a high backhand toss that pulls Espinosa off the bag. Quintero scores from third, 2-1 Houston. The error is later taken away, which should please DC GM Mike Rizzo, who was in the booth with Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler on 1500WFED for the play and said the error call was "ridiculous" since, in his words, there are only, "Four shortstops in baseball who get to that ball." 

2. Spinner, Desi, Morse and Bernie!!!: The Nats take a 3-2 lead when Danny Espinosa takes a two-out walk from Figueroa, and Spinner's running and moves to third on a two-out opposite field single by Ian Desmond. Desi's running when Michael Morse lines a two-run double into the left field corner. The Nats take the lead. 3-2!! Roger Bernadina goes all the way the other way too for some MOAR OPPO-BOPPO and a 5-2 Nats' lead. 

1. SPINNER!!!!: The Astros turn to a lefty after right-hander Henry Villar gets the first two outs of the Nats' seventh. Gustavo Chacin spins Espinosa around to the right side after he'd been hitting as a lefty all night against Figueroa, and SPINNER GOES DEEP AGAIN!!! No.6 on the season for Espinosa, who launches a line drive HR to left, over the visitor's bullpen and into the stands, two-run blast, 7-2 Nats!! Danny Espinosa and Ian Desmond, Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa!! Ray Knight loves it!! Ross Detwiler gets his second major league win. Drew Storen and Collin Balester throw scoreless innings in relief. Nats win no.65 on the season...

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• Final Score: Nats 7, Astros 2. 

Nationals now 65-88.