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Game 153: Who needs ol' man Zimmerman?

Tonight's game report: Nats take 3 of 4 from Astros, MOAR MORSE!!



  • Bad FIP, good result: Ross Detwiler (+10.4%) walks 2 and gives up 7 hits over 6 innings, but only gets touched for 2 ER.
  • They also field well: Danny Espinosa (+5.3%) hits a two-run homer for the second night in a row (+5.1%), although it wasn't as big as Roger Bernadina's two-run homer the inning before that put the Nats up by three (+17.2%).
  • Making an argument? Mike Morse (+40.0%) hits a solo shot to tie the game early (+10.4%), then he comes through with a two-out, two-run, go-ahead double (+31.5%).
  • #1 Web Gem? Ian Desmond (+0.4%) ranges right to snare a line drive at full reach, then fires across his body to first to double off the runner (+8.4%).