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Game 154: Why haven't the Nats signed Dunn, again?

Tonight's game story: #signDunn, Nats beat Braves 8-3



  • Helping his argument: Adam Dunn (+29.9%) is 3-5 with 2 HRs and an RBI single, accounting for 5 of the Nationals' 8 runs.
  • Getting there: Jordan Zimmermann (+18.9%) lasts 5 innings, striking out 5, walking one, and allowing only 1 ER.
  • Unlikely patience: Ivan Rodriguez (+6.0%) and Danny Espinosa (-9.1%) each draw 2 walks--it's an oddity for Pudge, but let's hope Spinner is learning.
  • Goggles for VICTORY: Tyler Clippard (+8.9%) throws 2 perfect innings in relief, striking out 4.