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Game 155: Please feel better soon, Zimmy.



  • So promising: Nyjer Morgan (-3.9%) had me all hopeful as he started the game by battling through an 11-pitch AB for a leadoff double (+5.7%).
  • One pitch away: Yunesky Maya (-13.4%) goes 5.1 innings, giving up only 1 unearned run through 5 in spite of 3BBs and only 1K.  Then he just can't get any more outs, giving up an RBI double (-11.2%) and a three-run homer (-14.5%).
  • Listless: Offensive highlights include Justin Maxwell (+3.4%) going 1-1 with a walk after entering on a double switch, and Alberto Gonzalez (+2.7%) going 2-4.  MOAR AWFENZ PLZ!
  • What have you done lately? Mike Morse (-13.0%) is 0-3 with a walk and 4 LOB.