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Game 157: They put the "[donkeyish]" in "classy"

Tonight's game report: NL East pennant race over.



  • Nearly a good game: John Lannan (-4.2%) gives up 1 ER in 5 IP with 3 Ks and 1 BB, but can't get out the 6th, coughing up 3 more runs.
  • Promising: Collin Balester (+2.4%) throws an unintentional knockdown pitch at one point, but otherwise is perfect in 2 innings of relief work, fanning two.
  • Not with a bang: Wilson Ramos (+1.0%) provides the sole positive batting WPA total, going 1-3.
  • A whimper: Nationals' batters combine for -42.6% WPA, getting shut out on 2 hits.