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Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/28/10

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Last night was not OK, and it should be embarrassing and unacceptable to anyone from the D.C. area. --Dave Nichols at

If Nats players feel the same way as Nats fans then they should start winning. I hope the Lerners are just as embarrassed as well. Maybe this moment is where the lightbulb clicks on and they realize they need to win now or forever lose this town. --Mark Zuckerman from

If you want a bright spot from last night then it would have to be Collin Balester. The Nationals bullpen seemingly has enough depth to be a strength for at least next season. --Adam Kilgore from

One scout says Bryce Harper is overmatched in instructional league, but one game might be the smallest of small sample sizes. --William Yoder at

Tom Milone and Tyler Moore win minor league pitcher and player of the year. --Ben Goessling from   

Tonight might be Mr. Walk-off t-shirt night, but Mr. Walk-off Ryan Zimmerman is done for the season--Adam Kilgore from   

More on the Nats and baseball after the jump.

Incase you have ever wanted a seafood corndog you can get one at Nats Park over the next couple days. --Kristen Hudak from

I don't recall always losing to the Phillies and Marlins being on this list, but more love for Sean Burnett and the fact that Adam Dunn can't hit lefty relievers are just a couple of the 23 Nats facts. --Mark Zuckerman at  

Adam Dunn is 3 homers away from 40 and Zimmerman will finish the season batting over .300. These are just a couple of the milestones Nats players have or are trying to achieve. --Ben Goessling from

General Baseball

Joyce and Galaraga tops among the memories we will have from the 2010 season. --Jeff Passan from

Carlos Marmol is the hardest pitcher in baseball to hit against, but wildness keeps him from being one of the best closers in the game. --Joe Posnanski from

Gambling, segregation, and steroids. Which of these is the worst thing to happen in the game of baseball? --Craig Calcaterra at

At this point it might be a pretty big if to think the Nationals will ever start winning, but if they do the MASN deal will suddenly look a whole lot worse as the Texas Rangers set a new precedent with a $150 million a year TV deal. --Craig Calcaterra from

It wasn't right that my last game of the year was a win. So, I am going to go tonight and be one of the few Nationals fans among the sea of Phillies fans.