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Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/29/10

We all know what the big news was yesterday. An opposing scout said that no one except the owner wants Adam Dunn back. --Ben Goessling from

Of course most experts agree with the line of thinking that Adam Dunn is too much of a defensive liability. --Jon Heyman via twitter

Of course this one scout that keeps saying this might be out of his mind. --Aaron Gleeman from

Adam Dunn is a fan favorite and unless the Nationals want even more ill will they should #SignAdamDunn, especially after last night. --Dave Nichols from

The fans aren't the only ones that would have some bad feelings if Dunn isn't a Nationals next season. --Mark Zuckerman at

There always seems to be a certain irony about this team, and on the same day when the reports that Dunn wouldn't be back surfaced he blasted a walk-off to beat the hated Phillies. --Ben Goessling at

Jim Riggleman doesn't seem to think that today is Adam Dunn's last in Natstown. --Adam Kilgore from

News on Harper, business strategy, and baseball after the jump.  

Bryce Harper blasts his first homer of instructs and of course it is oppo-boppo*. Byron Kerr at  

*One scout couldn't be reached for comment, but we assume that he now thinks Harper is awesome and ready for the AFL.

Stephen Strasburg is upbeat about the future in first contact with the media after undergoing TJS. --Dave Sheinin from The Washington Post

A person sitting behind the bullpen details why Drew Storen is likely to have a good, long career. --mcgonnigle at The Pinetar Rag

Jason Marquis has not had a good season, but he has learned from it and is ready to move on and be better next year. --Adam Kilgore at

With Desi and Espi up the middle the Nats might be set for years*.  --Thomas Boswell from The Washington Post

*It is funny. Typing that out right now I was reminded of the moment that Roger Angell realized the Mets were about to turn a corner, and it was all due to their young and exciting double play combo.

It isn't really clear how the Nationals can stop invading fans other than getting better, but they need to do something. --Wigi from

The Lerners could learn something about the fan experience from their business partner, Ted Leonsis. --Dave Nichols at  

General Baseball

The Rays aren't the first contending team to play in front of less than expected crowds. --The Common Man from

Last night was the perfect way to end my season. I like to end things on a high note. When I go to the driving range it is a lot like a Nationals season. Ball shanking and slicing every which way with one or two out of ten going long and straight. As I was driving to the game yesterday I mentioned how I didn't think this was the best idea. Ending my season after Sunday would have ended on a high note, but then Dunn drove a ball long and far. Overall I had a lot of fun this year and I am sad to see it ending, but I can't wait for the game to be over Sunday so I don't have to listen to Lady Gaga (I said there was no way the Nats could beat the Braves in a game this year and this was my punishment. I also owe my friend two Starbucks for the Nats beating Tim Hudson.) anymore when people call me.