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Washington Nationals: Jim Riggleman On Collin Balester.

Quick Note From Today's Pregame Press Conference:

The Nats' right-handed reliever, Collin Balester, hasn't allowed a run since an August 3rd, (-minus two weeks in Syracuse) a span of 14.1 IP in which he's struck out 23 batters. In today's pregame press conference with Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman, the manager was asked about the 24-year-old reliever's recent success, and Mr. Riggleman admitted that last year, "I heard so much about Balester, about this curve ball and how great it is and I felt like, 'You know, he hangs too many of them.' When you throw a curve ball as your best pitch and you throw it a lot, by the percentages you're going to hang some of them and big league hitters are going to get you, so I was a little concerned about that, but since he's been here this year, I've seen the breaking ball that I heard about, to go along with his very good fastball, his breaking ball has been a put away pitch for him, he's got it down in the zone, it's got great rotation on it, and it's a swing and miss pitch, and no one is hitting him right now, his numbers are outstanding, and he's making a case for himself to come into the Spring and maybe show us that he can be that extra plus arm in the bullpen."

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