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Wire Taps: Nyjer Morgan Suspended 8 Games, Washington Nationals' Jim Riggleman, Pat Listach And Doug Slaten + Some Florida Marlins Too...

According to several reports this afternoon, MLB has spoken, and they've handed out an 8-game suspension to the Washington Nationals' outfielder Nyjer Morgan for his role in not only the bench-clearing brawl during Wednesday night's Nats/Marlins game, but also the shot he took at Cardinals' catcher Bryan Anderson last weekend and his actions following the melee on Wednesday which were directed towards fans in Florida's Sun Life Stadium. Along with Morgan, Nats' lefty Doug Slaten, Skipper Jim Riggleman and third base coach Pat Listach all received suspensions while Marlins' pitchers Chris Volstad and Alex Sanabia, first baseman Gaby Sanchez and Skipper Edwin Rodriguez were punished by the league as well. 

Morgan's suspension is in addition to the 7-game break he was given by MLB recently for throwing a ball into the stands in Philadelphia and hitting a fan, a suspension he's currently appealing. Pat Listach was given a 3-day vacation for his role in the brawl, which saw him dive into the pile of Marlins that swarmed Morgan after he charged Volstad (who got 6 games) and was leveled by Gaby Sanchez's blindside clothesline (which earned him 3 games) before getting pummeled by Sanabia (5 games). Doug Slaten came on late in Wednesday's game and hit Sanchez to earn himself 3 games, while Nats' Skipper Jim Riggleman, according to MASN's Ben Goessling (on Twitter @MASNBen) was suspended for two games and fined for making "inappropriate comments" by MLB's Senior Vice President of Major-League Operations (and former Expos/Nats' Skipper) Frank Robinson, who oversees MLB's umpires. Marlins' Skipper Edwin Rodriguez received a 1-game suspension. 

Asked for his thoughts on the suspension,'s Bill Ladson just reported via Twitter (@washingnats), that Nyjer Morgan said, "Man, they threw the book at me."