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Game 136: All this AND a successful sac bunt!

Tonight's game report: Nats pound Bucs 9-2 as Lannan Rulez.



  • Dominant: John Lannan (+19.4%) goes 7.0 IP with 7 K's (or as cookielover put it, "WTF?!") 1 BB and 1 ER.  Offensively, Lannan (+4.2%) is 0-2 with an ROE, a walk, and a run scored.  Good game.
  • Ramos over your shoulder? Ivan Rodriguez (+16.7%) hits a two-run single for the lead in the 4th (+14.5%) and just squeaks a two-run bomb over the wall in right during the 5th to tack on (+3.8%).
  • Tough math: Ian Desmond (-3.7%) has the worst WPA on the Nats tonight, having gone only 3-5 with an RBI...