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Game 138: DAN-O-MITE!!



  • Explosive: "Dynamite" Danny Espinosa (+11.6%) is not even the biggest player of the game, despite going 4-5 with a double, a solo homer, and a grand slam!
  • Exploded: Jordan Zimmermann (-10.5%) struggles with command early, going 4 IP with 2 Ks and four walks, including a bases-loaded walk to put the Nats down by two in the first (-8.3%)
  • Extinguisher: Scott Olsen (+8.9%) steadies things up out of the bullpen, pitching four scoreless innings, striking out three and walking two.
  • Nothin' but clutch: Ivan Rodriguez (+22.4%) is only 1-2 with a walk, but his hit is a two-RBI double to tie the game and put himself on third as the go-ahead run with only one out (+24.7%).