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Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/9/10

I feel like people are focusing on the wrong issue from yesterday's game. All season long this team has failed with a runner on third and less than two outs. It is fundamental baseball. Trade an out for a run. It is just pathetic to see so many weak pop-ups and strike-outs in that situation. I have heard some people go so far to saw there is no such thing as a productive out, but I am pretty sure a Bernadina sac fly would have been a far better out then his weak pop-up. However I don't think we should lose site of how many rookies are playing. It can be assumed they will get better at situational hitting as they get more experienced. Anyway enough of my chatter on with the links.

In case you missed tha game yesterday here is the story of the game focusing on Adam Dunn missing a grounder that most believe he should have either gloved or knocked down. --Dave Nichols from

The Nats may have lost the series yesterday, but if you see them play in Nats Park you have a better than 50% chance to see them win. Combine terrible road record, terrible interleague, and no four game win streaks, and in a way it is amazing this team isn't worse. --MissChatter at

During yesterdays game Livo had an interesting out. I didn't see it yet, but it sounds like something I would expect from Livo. He just doesn't get rattled. --Adam Kilgore from

The Nationals are going to have to figure out what to do with the leadoff spot with Nyjer suspended. The answer might come in the form of rookie sensation Danny Espinosa. --Bill Ladson from

I mentioned the complete lack of the three game win streak earlier, and one adventurous blogger has a plan to make the season much more interesting while hoping for a four game win streak. --DangerNat at

The Nationals may have reached their conclusion on Adam Dunn's future with the team, and it might not be a popular one for the fanbase. --Thomas Boswell in The Washington Post

Boswell's use of the term stat nerd makes me wonder if people like being called that and if I am a nerd. --Me at 'Til Death do us Part

Others aren't so sure the answer is as final as Boswell and think the off-season questions might be a little confusing if Dunn stays in Washington. An exploration of what the most pressing off-season needs could be. My opinion is it is pitching. Listing a bunch of could be's, has beens, and never will be's as a rotation just doesn't cut it. I am sure this team could add one of these guys; De La Rosa, Lilly, Pavano, or Bonderman. --Mark Zuckerman at

More links and opinions after the jump.        

Want information on who will be at the Nats instructional league. Some of these names are interesting, and it is good to learn who the team views as part of the future. --Byron Kerr

This promotion always seems to be popular. The Nats are once again giving the jerseys off their backs to a few lucky fans. --Cheryl Nichols from

You know that buy two get two free deal. It is getting a lot of attention. Also is Ryan Zimmerman really that bad of a poster boy for the franchise? I mean he does lead the league in fangraphs WAR. --Barry Petchesky from

Around the NL East

The Mets took a team field trip to Walter Reed while here for this past series, but a few Mets players decided not to go. How big of a deal should be made of this? --Craig Calcaterra from

Josh Johnson is hurting and might be done for the rest of the season.

General Baseball

As awards season gets closer there will be more and more debate on who should get what award, and it looks like the AL Cy Young is going to be the big debate this year. It is pure old school vs. new school with Sabathia leading in Wins and Felix Hernandez being better at pitching. --Tim Marchman at     

Leading into the next big award debate is that the Rockies are not yet out of the playoff race, and if the past tells us anything it is to not count them out. --Joe Palikowski at

Here is one look at Carlos Gonzalez and how playing in Coors Field might affect his road splits in more ways than the obvious. --Joe Posnanski at

That of course isn't the end of the debate. Another piece of evidence in the case against CarGo is that runs just aren't as valuable in Coors Field. This actually includes one of the goofier things about stats. the average runs scored on a homer is 1.4 of course everyone knows that it is impossible to score 1.4 runs, but it still looks funny to see. --Dave Cameron from

And of course there is the counter to these arguments. Pretty much that it doesn't matter where Carlos Gonzalez plays he is still putting up amazing numbers. --Eric Neyer from

Of course Carlos Gonxalez is also one of three guys battling it out for a triple crown. It is unlikely that he wins it, and it might be unlikely we ever see it won again simply because there are more teams playing the game of baseball. --Joe Sheehan at

Keeping Pujols has to be the top priority for the Cardinals, but they might not be able to if they let La Russa go, but they might have to let La Russa go in order to afford Albert Pujols. --Jeff Passan at

I have to wait an entire day to watch baseball again. I know the team needs off days, but my nights seem really long without baseball. Enjoy your off day and see you tomorrow.