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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/11/11

Ryan Zimmerman is one of the best third baseman ever through his first six seasons. But you already know that. --Roger Schlueter at

This is the time of year when most free agents have signed and most players that are going to be traded have been traded. It is just waiting for pitchers and catchers to report, and speculating on what might happen once the season begins. The Nationals lost Willingham and Harris from the outfield and added Werth and Ankiel, and now they have to figure out how best to use them against left-handed and right-handed pitchers. --Bryce Wilson Stucki from

Collin Balester showed a bit of promise last season out of the bullpen, and more success might lie ahead. --Ben Goessling at

Even with guys like Balester ready to step in if something goes wrong in the bullpen it would still be nice for the Nationals to add a veteran. Should Soriano be that guy? --Mac from

Roger Bernadina's future roll looks to be fourth outfielder, but signing Manny Ramirez would not be a solution, and Sharion Martis still exists. --Bill Ladson at

Information on ticket pricing for Spring Training is available.

Adam Kennedy might have been a little misused by the Nationals, but either way he had a bad year last season, and will now look to rebound with the Mariners. --Adam Kilgore from

I was expecting Bowden to mention Danny Espinosa and how he drafted him, but he didn't. Instead he talks about how Domonic Brown should fill in nicely for Werth. --Jim Bowden at

Anyone that thinks the Nationals off-season has been a failure should be glad the Nationals only free-agent signing wasn't Austin Kearns. I really am starting to feel sorry for the city of Cleveland. At least they still have Choo. --Jerry Crasnick from 

This show about baseball groupies sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. That doesn't make it much different than Hoarders, Intervention, Real Housewives, or anything else on TLC. Let's just hope we don't hear about a baseball player that ended up like the guy from Three Dog Night. --Bob Harkins at