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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/13/11

Adam LaRoche to be introduced at 1:30 on Friday, and the Phillies will keep Joe Blanton for now. --Ben Goessling from

In an interview with Bill Ladson, LaRoche reveals that it was Adam Dunn among others that helped to convince him to come to the Nationals. Also wishes he could play with his brother again. --Bill Ladson at

I read recently about how Mark Cuban made the visitors locker room as nice as possible as one of his steps in turning around the Mavericks, and I also remember Brendan Harris blasting the Nationals after he was traded. It is nice to see former players talking about how they enjoyed their time in Washington. --Jordan Ruby from

Jim Duquette discusses the importance of the Nationals signing Adam LaRoche.

During the Bowden era it wasn't uncommon for players the Nationals let go to lash out at the franchise. I certainly can't imagine Chad Cordero suggesting that someone should come to the Nationals, and that negative feeling among former players isn't the only thing Rizzo has expunged from the Bowden era. He has also gotten rid of all but four players. It started as soon as Rizzo took over when he tried hard to remake a bullpen that Jim Bowden treated the way Vinny Cerrato treated the Redskins offensive line. --Adam Kilgore at      


Ian Desmond has a lot of work to do before he can be considered an above average MLB player, but he is already fifth best at doing the little things well. --Matt Klaassen from

The hunt for a starting pitcher has moved from the big game hunting in the wilds of Africa to trying to shake pheasants out of a bush in the British countryside. In other words dumpster diving season is in full swing and the Nationals might be interested in Chris Young. --Matt Polishuk at

Catcher might be one of the few positions the Nationals have depth at. Of course that depth can disappear in a heartbeat with an over the hill Pudge, an unproven Ramos, and a Zombie Flores. Also happy to see Bob Carpenter realize that Flores is indeed back from the dead and therefore a zombie. Let's just hope Zombie Flores is a Tank instead of a Boomer.

The Washington Nationals franchise was established at some point in time, and no one is quite sure when that time was. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

Some are certain of when it wasn't though. I have a feeling the D.C. history vs. Montreal history debate will never end. --DangerNat at

The Tigers rotation might be full and as such they might not have a good use for Armando Galarraga. I am sure the Nationals wouldn't mind having him back. If the Nats could also figure out how to get Marlon Byrd back that would be nice as well. --Aaron Gleeman from

If the Nationals can't add anyone before Opening Day then the chance are pretty good we will be seeing a few minor leaguers making starts in Nationals Park. Sammy Solis and Tom Milone might be favorites, but there are others on the list as well.

Harrisburg or Syracuse too long of a drive? Then the Potomac Nationals Hot Stove Dinner might be the thing for you. --Cheryl Nichols at 

General Baseball

Spring Training is six weeks long and that is plenty of time for the Cardinalsto work out a deal with Albert Pujols. --Jon Paul Morosi from