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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/18/11

Yesterday was a busy day in Natstown. In an effort to find One Eyed Willy's treasure the Nationals traded for deformed Fratelli brother Sloth Tom Gorzelanny. --Dave Nichols at 

The Nationals didn't give up any meaningful prospects and took a step in solidifying the back end of their rotation. Any effort that helps the Nationals to not use 13 starters next season is a good effort in my humble opinion, and why the difference in wins is likely insignificant in the standings the Nationals learned the hard way that those insignificant wins can cost $40 million and 2 years. --Sue Dinem at 

I always think it is important to see how the other side feels about a trade, and it is not happy. --Justin Havens from

Gorzelanny has been a terrible starter at times and he has been a decent starter at times, but no one knows exactly what type of starter he is. --Dave Cameron from

The Nationals rotation with Gorzelanny will feature a new wrinkle, experience and depth. Hopefully gone are the days of Atilano and Martis. --Mark Zuckerman from 

The Nationals also signed Alex Cora to a minor league contract. --Ben Goessling at 

Avoided arbitration with John Lannan. --Adam Kilgore at

Are still in pursuit of a reliever which has now taken the form of Aaron Heilman. --Zach Links from

And despite signing Alex Cora are still interested in Jerry Hairston Jr. --Phil Wood at     

Wilson Ramos and Derek Norris are both considered among the ten best catching prospects in the game. --Jonathan Mayo at

Strasburg is strengthening the rest of his body while waiting for his arm to heal. The Nationals will be cautious with Strasburg, but he is confident in his healing factor. --Adam Kilgore from

More on Strasburg's confidence in his healing factor from this interview. --Tim Gunter at

The Blue Jays sign former Nat Jon Rauch. --Ben Nicholson-Smith at

Adam LaRoche has a message for you.

Chien-Ming Wang got paid to not pitch last season, and if he does pitch this season it is a bit uncertain what the Nationals will be getting, but could he help the current rotation? Yes, even with Tom Gorzelanny the current rotation is bad and will need all the help it can get. --Ben Goessling from  

Screech getting jiggy with it or whatever the go-go equivalent is. According to the drummer it would be, "Buggy ding dong." --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog