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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/21/11

I feel like I should share this. I got a calendar of major league ballparks as a very late Christmas present this week. I am sure most of you would agree that April is one of the most important months of the year, and there are certain ballparks that shouldn't grace that month, or really even be in the calendar. Well, when April rolls round this year I will be looking at a half empty Oakland Coliseum hanging on my office wall.

No deal with a crossroads demon is needed for Ian Desmond to improve, but the onus is on him to prove he is an everyday shortstop. --Ben Goessling from  

If you are interested in fantasy baseball and want some good value the Nationals might be a team to look at as Ryan Zimmerman should be the only difficult player to obtain, but Ian Desmond might be a steal in the late rounds. --Scott Pianowski at

Do you want to blow the whistle for Nyjer Morgan, or model the item of the series? Then you too can be a Nats Pack member. --Cheryl Nichols at is taking your suggestions on how to cover Spring Training. --Ben Goessling from

Bryce Harper has been called the best hitting prospect of the past decade, but that doesn't make him the best outfield prospect in all of baseball right now. That might change once he gets his hands around the throat of minor league baseball. --Jonathan Mayo from     

Bryce Harper costs $9.9 million and his face on cardboard so far is valued at over $600.00.

The Nationals have the 16th best logo in baseball. --Jim Caple from 

Unless some surprise trade happens this is the time of year where we wait for Spring Training to begin and try to predict who will make the 25 man when Opening day arrives. --Ben Goessling at

Normally some people would be able to quell their baseball lust with an old fashioned Winter Caravan, but the Nats have decided to forgo that this year. So, in lieu a look back at past Winter Caravans. --MissChatter at

Around the NL East

Billy Wagner has only recently filed his retirement papers and remains on the Braves 40 man. --Ken Rosenthal at

General Baseball

A walk is not as good as a hit. A walk is precisely worth 0.65 singles. The point of this is that some people still value batting average over OBP and if this conversion rate is applied then it makes some players HOF chances look better. --Joe Posnanski from

You wanted the best. You got the best. The three greatest baseball players in the world. --Jonah Keri from