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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/25/11

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The Nationals might be in talks with the Indians about Sizemore and Carmona. --Phil Wood at

Sharion Martis DFA'd to make room for Hairston. --Dave Nichols from

Strasburg and Wang are just two of the many injured pitchers to watch this season. If Joe Nathan can return to form the Twins could have a very good bullpen. --Mel Antonen from

Bryce Harper's jersey to be retired at CSN. --Craig Calcaterra from

A different CSN has hired Mark Zuckerman full time and purchased the Nats Insider blog. --Mark Zuckerman at  

I remember the one time I met Tony Beasley at a season ticket holder even in 2006. He was nice, funny, and good with the fans. It is nice to see him back in the organization. The most important thing that Beasley said in this interview is that there is now structure and unity in the organization. --Ben Goessling at

The Nationals won't be holding open tryouts in Spring Training like in years past, but that doesn't mean there won't be non-roster invitees. --Ben Goessling at

The Nationals also won't have a proven closer to start the season, but that shouldn't worry them as Storen, Rodriguez, Clippard, and Burnett all have the talent to close, and with guys like Stammen, Balester, Gaudin added to the mix the Nationals bullpen should be a deep unit. Mark Zuckerman from    

Shairon Martis might be off the 40 man, but there are still two more moves left to come when the Gorzelanny and Coffey deals are made official. --Mac from

Craig Stammen is confident he can get the job done as a starter or a reliever and is ready to prove himself in 2011. --Byron Kerr at

General Baseball

Tigers deal Armando Galarraga to the Diamondbacks. --Nick Piecoro from

The problem with being too successful immediately is people expect that level or better, and after inventing DIPS Voros McCracken found that out the hard way. --Jeff Passan at