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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/26/11

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Everyone is taking a stab at who will be on the 25 man roster once the season begins. --Adam Kilgore from

And more 25 man roster predictions. --Dave Nichols at

No matter who ends up on the roster will they lose 100 as Mike Wise predicted on his radio show yesterday, because, "That is what they do." --Segment 9 before Andre Blatche calls in

For the most part D.C. sports teams have not been successful recently and it is because we are all losers. --Mike Wise at

Anyone out there want to tell Bryce Harper that he is just being built up to job to the Phillies? Bryce Harper is the number 3 best prospect in baseball, and it isn't just the talent that gets him noticed. He has a force of will and presence that stands out just as much as the bat speed and arm strength. --Bill Ladson from

The Nationals have two first round picks in the upcoming draft and while it is still early these predictions should give us some idea of who the team might be looking at at 6 and 23. This year is supposedly a deep draft so it should be fun for all those prospect fans out there. --Marcus Wyche at

And everyone that loves a good prospect should hurry down to Spring Training before they get sent to the minor league camp, and that is just one of many tips for how to enjoy yourself this March. --MissChatter at

Jim Riggleman might be on the hot seat but that doesn't mean he isn't excited and optimistic about the upcoming season. --Mick Reinhard from

General Baseball

Adam LaRoche might not be the best first baseman out there but at least he is one. LaRoche's former team, the Diamondbacks, is going to give Micah Owings a look at first. --David Brown at