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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/28/11

When the 2011 season finally begins all eyes will be on Jordan Zimmermann, Nyjer Morgan, Danny Espinosa, and Bryce Harper. --Mark Zuckerman at

And if you are heading up to Hagerstown to watch Bryce Harper then you are also going to want to keep your eyes on the new manager, Brian Daubach. --David Wilhelm from

Also don't forget to check out some of the other prospects from Keith Law's Nationals' top ten. --Sue Dinem from 

If the Nationals had an earlier fan fest then it would be possible that certain players on the guest list might not be Nationals. --Mike Henderson at

But would Josh Willingham have shown up in his new A's uniform? --Aaron Gleeman at

What is it about playing for the Seattle Mariners that causes players to get DUI's as Adam Kennedy is now the second Mariners player to be busted this off-season. --Larry Stone from

Justin Maxwell DFA'd to make room for Todd Coffey. --Adam Kilgore at    

Do you like beer, good causes, or Ryan Zimmerman? Then the beer tapping at Gordon Biersch in D.C. might be the place for you. --Cheryl Nichols at

Former National, Nick Johnson, might be a good fit for the Blue Jays. --Joe Sheehan from   

Around the NL East

Bono does not like pesky baseball players in his stadium and is forcing them to play a home game against the Mariners in Seattle. --Clark Spencer from