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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/3/11

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It is now 2011 and we are now at least in the same year as the upcoming 2011 season. It might not be any more than a couple days closer, but the turn of the new year makes everything feel that much closer. Soon enough stores will start stoking large red hearts filled with candy, but every baseball fan knows Valentines day is really the day pitchers and catchers report, and those are truly words of love.

I have said before that I won't be surprised by anything Bryce Harper does after his showing in the AFL. I think I should amend that to say I won't be shocked by anything, because honestly if he does make the roster out of Spring Training I will be surprised. --Joe Drugan from 

Now to plan D as plan C Derrek Lee has signed with the Orioles, and now the Nationals and Adam LaRoche are the only two left on the dance floor. --Adam Kilgore at

It is human nature to compare what was lost to what was acquired, but it should be understood that Adam LaRoche and Adam Dunn are two very different ballplayers. --Ben Goessling from

Derrek Lee could have a bounce back year in 2011 and if he were on the Nationals it could have meant good things. Now the chance for good things is gone and the Nationals should just concentrate on finding out what they have in the young players and waiting for Harper and Strasburg. --Harper at

Believe it or not the Phillies might actually have to play games before winning the NL East. --Mike Henderson at

The Orioles might have Derrek Lee and have upgraded several other infield positions, but they also might have the worst bullpen in the history of the majors and closer, Alfredo Simon, being wanted for murder doesn't help. If people find out knowing it was Fredo it will break my heart. --Dan Connolly and Nick Madigan from

Wilson Ramos has a good chance to end up as the Nationals primary catcher by mid-season, and being a solid defender with some power in his bat doesn't hurt. --Byron Kerr at

Another Nats catching prospect recently sat down and answered some questions. Norris has a lot of pride as a baseball player and also like Waffle House and Halo. --Robert Emrich from

Winter Classic was fun, but I am starting to think a hotel might have been a good idea.