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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/4/11

Just in case you have missed it the talks between the Nationals and LaRoche are progressing. --Bill Ladson from

LaRoche's numbers last season weren't terrible, but if the reasons for some of his moderate decline are examined there might be cause for worry. --William Yoder at

If talks to break off between the Nationals and LaRoche then he has other options. --Ben Goessling from

Of course so would the Nationals. For example they could platoon Morse with a left hander like Branyan. --Adam Kilgore from

Most important news of the entire off-season. No matter where the Nationals are heard on the radio next season Charlie and Dave will be doing the broadcast. --Mark Zuckerman at

A.J. Cole is big, strong, throws hard, and has a chance to throw harder. --Byron Kerr from       

Is it too early to be making predictions for Opening Day? No. It is never too early. --Mac at

Former Nat Tim Redding signs with the Dodgers. --Jon Paul Morosi at

Everyone has their favorite former Nat. For some it is the quiet patience of Nick Johnson, for others it is the electric fastball of John Paterson, for others still it is the blank red hat of Brad Wilkerson, but for me it is Chad Cordero. I remember sitting in section 514 in RFK stadium with the Chief pointing towards me and forever reminding me the number to call for tickets is (202)-632-NATS. Chad Cordero and Mean Gene Okerlund two people I will always remember for telling me a phone number to call. Cordero is no back in Canada with the Blue Jays, and I wish him nothing but the best. --Gregor Chisholm from

An article that says Jack Morris and Bert Blyleven belong in the Hall of Fame, and then explains why Morris should be in. --Tyler Kepner at