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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/6/11

Nationals might be close to naming Dibble's replacement. I have to say I personally hope it is Magrane. I like his work on MLB Network. --Bill Ladson at 

Former Expos Tim Raines and Larry Walker fall short of entry into the Hall of Fame. --Bill Ladson at

Blyleven and Alomar get in, and Hall of Fame president, Jeff Idelson, is fine if steroid cheats are left out. --Joe Posnanski at    

But not everyone is fine with the Hall of Fame president's comments. --Bill from 

Everything you have ever wanted to know about Adam LaRoche including information about his ADD and hunting. --Adam Kilgore from 

LaRoche sure does enjoy hunting. So much so that he is part of a T.V. show called Buck Commander. --Dan Steinberg in The DC Sports Bog

LaRoche's presence on the team effects no one greater than Chris Marrero. --Ben Goessling at

One aspect of roster management that leads to so many failings is that holes need to be filled. I am sure you have heard arguments about how average production isn't too hard to find, and any money spent on it is money wasted that could be used better down the road. The problem is that no team is made up of all-stars at all eight positions. Good teams need roll-players, and developing teams don't need gaping holes. If nothing else Adam LaRoche fills a hole. --Mike Henderson from   

U.S. Cellular is known as a homerun park, and Adam Dunn should be able to knock plenty of balls out, but switching leagues and positions combined with diminishing walk rate and higher percent of swinging strikes might not make it so. --Matt Klaassen at

Some Nationals fans have gotten it into their minds to be hopeful about Albert Pujolscoming to the Nation's Capital, but if St. Louis has their way Pujols will be locked up before Spring Training. --Joe Strauss at   

The arbitration process has begun and the Nationals are going to employ a new strategy this time around. --Adam Kilgore from

Being a Hall of Fame voter is an honor, but it also comes with responsibilities that those invested with the honor take seriously. --Mark Zuckerman at

Strasburg is coming for you and he demands you run in his 5K. --DangerNat from

No matter how fast you run in the Strasburg 5K two things are certain; you won't outrun a Kenyan and it won't heal Strasburg. The Nationals pitching staff should be better than last year even if nothing else is done, but that is still nowhere close to good. --Adam Kilgore at

Danny Espinosa may have gotten a cup of coffee at the end of the season, and is the favorite to be the starting 2B, but he is still the Nationals number 3 ranked prospect. --Byron Kerr from