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Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/7/11

F.P. Santangelo set to become new Nationals T.V. analyst*. --Bill Ladson at

I had the thought last night that if I could pick any two existing D.C. sports announcers to call a game I was watching it would be Joe Beninati and Steve Buckhantz. I have no idea how they would do doing baseball, but I would like to find out, and hearing "DAGGER" on a late inning homerun would be epic.  

Now that the Nationals have the color commentator taken care of they still have some work to do with the on field product. They are still in need of starting pitching, a veteran for the back end of the bullpen, and a utility infielder. --Mark Zuckerman from

An Arizona writer describes LaRoche as smooth and dependable in the field and quiet in the clubhouse. --Byron Kerr at

I got an interesting e-mail yesterday from Louis Barricelli, MLB Network Media Relation Coordinator. Since I can't link you guys to my inbox and I either can't find or I am not smart enough to find T.V. clips online here is what he e-mailed me.


"Adam LaRoche is going to solidify the infield. They have a young infield in the middle of the diamond. The biggest thing with young infielders is they don’t like making errors. And I love Adam Dunn, but he’s in the right place right now with the White Sox. If you short-hopped him, let’s face it, Adam Dunn is not a great glove man. …This is going to help that infield and I think it’s a great pickup by the Nationals."

Future Hall of Famer, Pudge Rodriguez might not be as much of a lock as people think. --Dave Sheinin at

A look at the first Topps Bryce Harper signature edition card. --toppscards via Twitter

The Nationals bullpen looks like it could be good again this season, but the Nationals would still like to add a veteran reliever to lead the young guys and trade at the deadline. --Ben Goessling from

If Willie Mays is what a real Hall of Famer should be then is Willie Mays even a Hall of Famer? You have to read this one to find out. I don't give spoilers away for Posnanski columns. --Joe Posnanski at