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Federal Baseball Talks Washington Nationals With The Nats Blog.

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• Part Two of Two of our interview with Ted Youngling from The Nats Blog went up last night. The first part, which was posted earlier this week dealt with writing online, this one's about the Nationals...

The Nats Blog: If you were GM Mike Rizzo, how would you handle the Davey Johnson situation? Should we still be concerned with looking for his successor?

Federal Baseball: Even before recent reports said Davey Johnson's return was all-but-announced, I was fairly certain Johnson would be back on the bench next season. I didn't agree with Jim Riggleman often, but I agreed with his assessment of the situation and didn't expect him to be the long-term solution on the bench. Assuming Johnson's coming back I think his successor should be on the bench with him this year, if that person isn't already part of the Nats' coaching staff. Johnson's under contract for two more years, at which point he'll be 70-going-on-71-years-old. I can't imagine he'll manage much past that point, so since a good deal of the talent is locked in beyond that, it would be good to have the next Nats' manager familiar with the talent and comfortable with the team for the next phase when Johnson does eventually step down.

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