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@MarfaMata: "Wilson apareció!!" Washington Nationals' Wilson Ramos Reportedly Found Safe.

A few hours after Washington Nationals fans gathered in front of the Center Field Gate at Nationals Park, just as reports were coming out of the vigil held to hope for the safe return of kidnapped 24-year-old catcher Wilson Ramos, the following messages have just come out via Twitter. First Marfa Mata @MarfaMata, a friend of the Ramos family who has been acting as a representative for the family since the intial reports that Wilson Ramos had been kidnapped, wrote on Twitter that, "Wilson apareció!!" "Wilson appeared!" While everyone was waiting to hear exactly what that meant, Rafael Rojas (@RafaelRojasC), baseball writer for Viva Colorado, wrote on Twitter, "Internal Affairs Minister called Ramos family and told them they got him - Per Marfa Mata."

@RafaelRojasC: "VZ Information Minister tweets Ramos has been found safely by authorities at mountains at Carabobo state."

We'll have more as soon as the story develops.