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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals' Wilson Ramos Returns, New CBA Links.

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 17:  Brandon Phillips #4 of the Cincinnati Reds talks with Ryan Zimmerman #11 of the Washington Nationals during a break in the game at Nationals Park on August 17, 2011 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 17: Brandon Phillips #4 of the Cincinnati Reds talks with Ryan Zimmerman #11 of the Washington Nationals during a break in the game at Nationals Park on August 17, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

• So luckily there's a long weekend coming up so we can all hunker down with the new CBA and figure out what it all means. The changes to the Draft alone will take some time to absorb. After the holiday the Winter Meetings are coming on quickly and that traditionally means the start of the active part of the Hot Stove season. Before that there's plenty to sort through. And plenty of links to get you up to speed on the changes that were agreed upon yesterday and how they'll affect your Washington Nationals. Will the scouting and player development-based Nats' front office be passe in the new CBA. Scott Boras told MLB Network Radio last night he thinks so...Here are some links.


• "So, if you’re the Nats, here’s your new reality: 89-90 wins virtually locks you into October, 86-88 might, while 84-85 gives you a prayer." - "Baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement is a remarkable moment" - Thomas Boswell, The Washington Post

• THE OTHER BIG STORY: (NSFW: Please Note - "Adult Material Contained In the following link, but it's a big story.")

NSFW: "Somebody's out to get Dan Lozano. The agent for Albert Pujols, Lozano is pursuing what everyone expects to be the biggest contract in baseball..." - "Dan Lozano: Albert Pujols's Superagent, 'King Of Sleaze Mountain'" - Barry Petchesky,


• "4. True small-market teams. Starting in 2016, revenue-sharing will be limited to the clubs in the 15 smallest markets, as per a list already determined by players and owners. Big-market freeloaders such as the Washington Nationals will be on their own." - "Winners and losers of baseball's new CBA" - Ken Davidoff, New York Newsday

• "You may have some vague recollection of the Super Two rule as it related to Stephen Strasburg's debut in 2010." - "Could new CBA delay Harper's debut?" - Mark Zuckerman,

• "Drafted players can no longer sign Major League contracts (like the ones Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon and Matt Purke all signed). Minor League deals only." - "Quick hits from baseball's new CBA" - Amanda Comak, Washington Times

• "This could be the last season of collective bargaining for Selig, who has said he will retire when his current contract expires at the end of 2012." - "Major League Baseball, Players Association announce preliminary Basic Agreement deal" - Barry M. Bloom, News

• "It was one more 'historic' day in the life of the great sport of baseball. That's the word Bud Selig used to describe it, anyhow: 'Historic.'" - "Baseball's new labor deal truly a historic one" - Jayson Stark, ESPN

• "Depending on where teams pick and how many selections they have, the allotment per team will range from $4.5 million to $11.5 million over the entire draft." - "With the new CBA, we may not see anything like the Nationals’ 2011 draft again" - Adam Kilgore, Nationals Journal - The Washington Post

• "That flood of cash, which made the Nationals 'the talk of the industry,' as Rizzo put it, also irked a number of general managers around baseball..." - "The new CBA, the Nationals and the end of signability" - Ben Goessling,


• "We probably tend to remember 'Good Livo' far more than we remember 'Bad Livo.' But fact is, the bad version has shown up a lot more regularly in recent seasons." - "Why Buehrle but not Livo?" - Mark Zuckerman,

• "The 24-year-old closer's name came up frequently in trade talks last July, and it figures teams will ask about him again this year..." - "As price of relievers continues to climb, Nationals are in a good position" - Ben Goessling,

• "The Nationals also are in the market for a right-handed hitter, and the Sox's Carlos Quentin could be one of their targets." - "Chicago White Sox: Washington Nationals interested in free agent Mark Buehrle" - Mark Gonzales, Chicago Tribune

• "Shairon Martis, a longtime Nationals minor leaguer and one-time member of their major league rotation, has signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates as a minor league free agent..." - "Shairon Martis signed by the Pirates" - Adam Kilgore, Nationals Journal - The Washington Post

• "Playing in front of a packed house at Aragua's home ballpark, Ramos hit cleanup and served as designated hitter." - "Ramos goes 0-for-5 in return" - Mark Zuckerman,

• "The Nationals and MLB put extra security measures in place for Ramos, Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo said." - "Wilson Ramos returns to the field in Venezuela" - Adam Kilgore, Nationals Journal - The Washington Post

• "Nationals outfielder Michael Morse, who hit .303 and slugged 31 homers during a breakout season, received two votes to finish 19th in the National League Most Valuable Player balloting." - "Michael Morse finishes 19th in NL MVP race" - Ben Goessling,


• "Right-hander A.J. Cole made a nice splash in the Nationals' system in his debut season with the Single-A Hagerstown Suns." - "Baseball America's top Nats prospects - No. 4: A.J. Cole" - Byron Kerr,

• Triple-A Syracuse: "The Syracuse Chiefs, Triple-A Affiliate of the Washington Nationals, are pleased to announce the election of a new slate of officers for the 2012 fiscal year." - "William Dutch named new Chiefs President" - Syracuse Chiefs News

 Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional: Caribes 6, Braves 2 - Ryan Tatusko - 2.0 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 3 K's - Box Score.

• Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional: Lara 10, Magallanes 9 - Jesus Flores (MAG) - 3 for 5, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 RBI - Box Score.

 Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional: Zulia 8, Caracas 0 - Carlos Maldonado (ZUL) - 2 for 3, 1 R, 2 BB - Box Score.

 Liga de Beisbol Dominicano: Licey 5, Aguilas 4 - Jhonatan Solano (LIC) - 1 for 3, 2 R, 1 BB; Atahualpa Severino (LIC) - 0.1 IP, 1 K - Box Score.

 Liga de Beisbol Dominicano: Toros 4, Escogido 0 - Eury Perez (ESC) 0 for 4 - Box Score.

 Liga de Beisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico: Ponce 9, Caguas 6 - Hassan Pena - 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R - Box Score.

• "[Paul] Menhart quickly observed what [Matt] Purke was doing in his delivery and worked on a change in his stance." - "Adjustments to Purke's delivery led to outstanding Arizona finish" - Byron Kerr,


• "So how would Carlos Quentin look as a Washington National? And what would the Nats need to do to acquire him?" - "Are The Nationals Interested In Carlos Quentin?" - Will Yoder, The Nats Blog

• "But just the fact that Michael Morse received 2 NL MVP votes is amazing enough considering his career path prior to 2011." - "Michael Morse was robbed!" - Nats

• "The New CBA" -

• "Someone help me out" - Harper, Nationals Baseball

• "The face of the franchise, their first ever draft pick, it is now Ryan Zimmerman’s turn to be graded." - "Nats 2011 Grades: Ryan Zimmerman" - Keara Dowd, Win For Teddy


Marlins: "When the city of Miami agreed to build parking garages for the new Miami Marlins stadium, borrowing $100 million in the bond market to do so, officials assumed the structures, like most such municipal facilities, would be exempt from property taxes." - "Tax confusion could foul up Marlins parking garage financing" - Andres Viglucci and Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald,

Braves: "Infielders Drew Sutton and Josh Wilson are among the 11 Minor League free agents the Braves have signed and invited to Major League Spring Training." - "Braves extend 11 Spring Training invitations" - Mark Bowman, News

Phillies"Among the topics discussed were Jimmy Rollins, the Jonathan Papelbon signing, Ty Wigginton in Philly, and Cole Hamels and his contract situation." - "Ruben Amaro Jr. on 97.3 ESPN FM with Pat and Mike" - Pat Gallen, Phillies Nation

Mets: "For those who don't know him, the 27-year old Loewen has always been an interesting case around minor league circles for a number of reasons." - "Mets Sign Former Lottery Pick Adam Loewen"- Rob Castellano, Amazin' Avenue

JFK: "I was seated in the row of desks closest to the windows, which looked out upon, well, basically nothing, unless you found the driveway in front of the school particularly compelling." - "Miss Eckhardt's History Class 11/22/63" - Phil Wood,