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Taiwan All-Star Series - Game Three GameThread: Washington Nationals' Michael Morse Live From Intercontinental Stadium in Taichung.

• Taiwan All-Star Series: According to the reports from the third game of the five-game Taiwan All-Star Series being played this week in various baseball stadiums around Taiwan, Washington Nationals' slugger Michael Morse put on quite a show this afternoon against the Chinese Taipei national team. The 29-year-old Nats' 1B/OF went _ for _ with a _ _ _ _ _ _  and a _ _ _ _  _ _ _ in the MLB squad's _ - _  _ _ _.  A sold-out Taichung Intercontinental Stadium hosted last night's game as well, which saw Nationals' left-hander Ross Detwiler throw 3.2 innings in which he allowed a hit and one earned run. Morse doubled in the first of three games played so far, and he and the other MLB players on the exhibition tour have reportedly been greeted warmly by the baseball-loving Taiwanese citizens. After an autograph signing earlier this week,'s Doug Miller wrote that, "... baseball players are considered big-time celebrities in Taiwan," and quoted Morse saying, "'I feel like Brad Pitt or something.'" 

• You can watch Morse's _ _ _ _  _ _ _ and reportedly see _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pitch tonight when the game airs on the MLB Network (and at 9:00 pm EDT. 

• If you're not watching the game, you can read about the results HERE at Or you can tune in at 9:00 pm and fill in the blanks yourself.