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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/10/11

Interesting interview with Bill Ladson on the Beyond the Boxscore podcast. He talks a lot about the improved defense, how he thinks Desmond is going to be a star, and that he thinks this could be the year the Nationals don't finish last. It all begins around the 45 minute mark and runs for about 15 minutes. The rest of the podcast is worth listening to as well. --Dave Gershman at

Good news. The Nationals are close to finalizing a contract that will have Charlie and Dave on 106.7 FM. --Mark Zuckerman from  

Bob Carpenter talks about the Nationals pitching staff and why Jordan Zimmermann is key. Seems to forget about the existences of Maya and Gorzelanny.

Fun with Nats' players names.

Corey Brown is working hard to get into the best shape of his life. I half expected him to turn towards the camera and cut a wrasslin' style promo on Nyjer at the end. --Corey Brown via

An easy to read list of all the moves the Nationals made this off-season. --Mac at

Da Meat Hook wants you to know that Zimmerman is a leader. --Dmitri Young at     

When Strasburg got injured he said he wanted to be the best at rehab and if he has a six pack then Steve McCatty owes him $100.00. --Byron Kerr from

Former Nat and current Champion of the Caribbean, Luis Ayala, signs with the Yankees. --Ben Nicholson-Smith from

The search for a number 1 starter appears to be over, but there are rumblings from the Twin Cities that Liriano might not be considered part of the future there. --Ben Goessling from 

Former Marlins and current Nationals scout Ryan Fox is among the more valuable scouts in baseball. --Carson Cistulli at

Part II of what to do in Vierra if one is heading to Spring Training. --Mark Zuckerman from

Bryce Harper is an A level hitting prospect, but the Nationals have other prospects besides him that still grade out decently. --Sue Dinem at

Sometimes I think money stops being money to athletesand it is more a measure of skill level. Albert Pujols is the best baseball player in the world so of course he should make the most money, but at what point is it about acknowledgement over money. --Phil Wood at

Some fans get very angry when their teams waste money, but why? Some reasons might be they don't like seeing their investment wasted, they just don't like stupidity, or they feel it will take away from other aspects of building a team. --Daniel Moroz from

What would a baseball stadium in Arlington, Va look like? --William Yoder at

Adam Dunn has had old player skills his entire career but hasn't aged at an accelerated rate. Will the same be able to be said for Brian McCann, Prince Fielder, and Ike Davis? --Matt Klaassen from