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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/11/11

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Mike Rizzo had a plan for the off-season. He wanted to make the team more athletic and capable of playing better defense, and if we let our preconceived notions guide us we might not understand.--Tyler Radecki from

Stephen Strasburg has begun step 1 of a throwing program. --Adam Kilgore at

106.7 the Fan will be carrying the Nats games this season and is also looking to add more baseball related programing. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

And here is hoping that the hosts they have either start talking about baseball (both Holden Kushner and Grant Paulsen work for MLB Radio on the weekends), or they hire someone that can. --WFY from  

PECOTA rankings make Marcel and Bill James look downright optimistic.

Option status of players on the Nats 40 man.

Gates open at 4:00 for the Nats Fanfest on March 30. --Cheryl Nichols at

Fantasy baseball and sports video games owe a lot to Strat-O-Matic (reading this article I could help but think of it as D&D* with baseball players). --Joe Lemire from

*Also note that I am just as excited about Dragon Age II as baseball season so I really have no room to talk 

By the end of this weekend most of the Nationals pitchers should be in camp. Everyone expects certain guys to make the rotation, but Steve McCatty says no one is guaranteed a spot. --Adam Kilgore from 

Not up for a full, half, or quarter season plan. The Nationals have you covered with 3, 5, and 15 game plans. --Kristen Hudak at

With the loss of Adam Dunn the Nationals line-up doesn't appear to be one that can sit back and wait for the three run homer. Expect the team to be aggressive on the base paths, and to be more of a small ball team. --Mike Henderson from

I have had many conversations about what it would be like if there was a baseball version of the Spurs. A team that was boring to watch, did all the little things correctly, and just kept winning. Jerry Sloan was the coach of the Jazz who like the Spurs are a team that pride themselves on doing the little things correctly, and Jim Riggleman might be the baseball version. --Jenn at

Gorzelanny has both started and relieved in his career, but being a starting pitcher is where his heart is. --Byron Kerr from

There was a time when baseball was considering Virginia as a viable option for a team. --WFY at