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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/14/11

O, great muse of yore we sing of thee with mighty verse transplanted from an eastern land. Green grass, wind aided homers, aging vets, and youngster darlings destined for minors camp. --Jenn from

The Nationals have new batting practice jerseys.

Meet Fly Eli or TAFKED (The Artist Formally Known as Elijah Dukes). --Howard Altman at

Dukes also claims that teammates hid marijuana in their man purses and he smoked on charter flights out of peer pressure. The only question this raises in my mind is how does one secretively smoke pot on an airplane. --Adam Kilgore from

Bryce Harper has a list of goals for Spring Training. --Bill Ladson at

Al Kaline was a major leaguer at 18 and so far he is impressed with Bryce Harper. --Bill Ladson from         

Jim Bowden feels that Bryce Harper is the best prospect in baseball. --Jim Bowden at

Jayson Werth's contract voted to be the worst of the off-season. --Jayson Stark from

It could end up an epic failure. --Rob Neyer at

But the time for talking is just about over and Jayson Werth will get to take the field and show everyone what type of ballplayer he will be for the Nationals. --Adam Kilgore from

The answer to the question of Jayson Werth's contract is likely still a few years off unless it becomes a complete failure, much like the Carlos Lee and Vernon Wells deals, but every player that signs a big contract faces that risk. --Dave Gershman from     

Jose Rijo is suing the Nationals because he claims to not know why he was fired. --Adam Kilgore at

Where the Nationals have been and where they are in the Dominican are two different stories--Adam Kilgore from

Strasburg and Zimmermann one day might be a great one two punch, but they have to be healthy first. --Dave Nichols from

Everybody wants Strasburg to change his delivery. --Thom Loverro at

People will have to wait until 2012 for the Avengers, but coming this Spring the Spring Training event of the decade. When Strasburg Meets Harper. --Ben Goessling at

Livan Hernandez is a sure thing to be in the rotation come Opening Day. --Mark Zuckerman from

Danny Espinosa could be a good bargain. --Jonah Keri at

Soon enough reality will prove itself to be a beautiful maiden or an ugly beast making now the time for optimism as the Washington Nationals arrive at the Space Coast. --Bill Ladson from

This is the strongest rotation the Nationals have had since McCatty and Riggleman arrived (2009). --Byron Kerr from

Not every quality start is at the low point. In fact if one were to check the stats in just quality starts they might find they are pretty good. Maybe in 2011 John Lannan can get back to being the king of the quality start. --Rob Neyer at

One of my greatest flaws in life is I will sometimes over think things. If anyone ask who the breakout star for the 2011 Nationals will be as far as pitching goes the answer is the obviousJordan Zimmermann. --Byron Kerr at