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National Daily Evolutions 2/16/11

I don't normally ask you guys for help, but this is a special situation. My sister's two year old beagle, Riley, is currently locked in the pound and will be put down on the 22nd unless a new home can be found. She is looking to move the dog (easier than moving Michael Young) and is hoping to find a taker. For more information please e-mail me and I can put you in contact with my sister if interested.

Congrats to Ian Desmond on the impending birth of his first child. --Ben Goessling at

Remember when Ryan Church thought all he had to do to be the CF was show up? Ian Desmond is under no such illusion and is ready to fight for his spot, and history is on Desmond's side when it comes to cutting down on the errors. --Adam Kilgore at

Storen sure did look nervous during his debut. He now says he is calm and relaxed and ready to take over the closer's role. --Bill Ladson from

Zimmerman wasn't mad at the Nationals when Dunn wasn't retained. He was just upset about losing a close friend and teammate. --Mark Zuckerman at

The loss of Dunn leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the Nats order, but the top of the order was the real problem in 2010, and that has to get better to have any sort of success in 2011. --Adam Kilgore at     

Pitchers and catchers reporting should be a happy time of year, but for everyone's favorite doom and gloomer it is just another day. --Dave Nichols from

Aside from a few with visa problems (Henry Rodriguez, Elvin Ramirez) all Nationals pitchers and catchers have reported. --Bill Ladson via Twitter

Last season Livan Hernandez was a steadying force, and unless something unforeseen happens he is likely to be rewarded with Opening Day duties. --Adam Kilgore at

The Nationals rotation doesn't have any starters that can claim to be anything more than a number 3 on their best day, but it is still a lot better than anything they have had in the past. --Mark Zuckerman from

Kristen Hudak started out like any other Nationals fan blogger, but has since moved on to being a professional fan. --Scott Stewrat at

Spring Training 2011 is only step one in Bryce Harper's 2011 campaign. --Byron Kerr from

If Wang can get healthy he is a ground ball machine.

Danny Espinosa recovered from an injury while Bob Boone laid turf. --Ben Goessling at

Flores, Detwiler, Morgan, Marquis, and Harper will all be interesting to watch in Spring Training. --Mac at

The first major league baseball player to speak with fangraphs audiois none other than new National, Matt Antonelli. --Carson Cistulli from

Rockies sign Jesus Colome. --Ben Nicholson-Smith at

Jason Bergmann has an injured shoulder. --Peter Abraham at

Luis Atilano DFA'd. --Ben Goessling at

Inspired by Stephen Strasburg a couple senators want to ban smokeless tobacco from baseball. --Craig Calcaterra from

General Baseball

Being locked in a stadium after a long rain delay sure sounds like it could be fun.

Yesterday Tony LaRussa said the union was pressuring Pujols. This might not have been the wisest course of action. --Jeff Passan from