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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/2/11

Project pitchers were popular this off-season, and although the Nats missed out on Webb and Duchscherer they still have their own project pitcher in Wang. --Phil Wood at

The Nats are like a bad drug. Just when you think you have kicked the habit they pull you back in, and NFA_Brian is no different than the rest of us addicts as he will write from time to time at In his first column he examines the jump the Nationals made into the top half of organizational rankings by Baseball America, and what they need to do to get even better (international signings). --Brian Oliver at

Valentines Day is coming up and we all know that means pitchers and catchers report, but it also means your wife or girlfriend will be expecting a gift. Why not give them a Screech or Uncle Slam gram (Hint: for $100-$150 you can buy jewlery which women prefer to giant mascots visiting them). --Kristen Hudak from

Josh Willingham won't be patrolling left field for the Nats in 2011, but that doesn't mean a platoon of Bernadina/Ankiel and Morse can't put up similar production--Mark Zuckerman at

One thing we will never know as fans is what it is like to be inside of a major league clubhouse, but most players and former players say the relationships built in the clubhouse matter and Rick Ankiel is a good chemistry guy. --gondee from 

Speaking of good guys, Stephen Strasburg reached out to a kid that suffered a UCL tear. --Charlie Leffler from       

Matt LeCroy was once upon a time forced to catch for the Washington Nationals, and it didn't go so well. It went so badly that Frank Robinson had to pull him in the middle of an inning, and unlike some recent manager the Nationals had Frank Robinson stood up for his players and, it hurt himto show up LeCroy in this manner.

You know what is difficult? Predicting the future. Sure we can look at past stats at an indication of what should happen, but as we all know should doesn't mean will, and the future is nothing if not unpredictable. At one time some people thought Fernando Tatis was going to be better than Scott Rolen. --Rob Neyer from   

Tyler Moore came out like a house of fire last season and surprised everyone with the great numbers he put up at single A Potomac, but he is going to have to repeat that performance in Harrisburg before anyone takes him seriously, and he is just one of a few prospects that might be on the rise. --Byron Kerr at