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Washington Nationals: Tuesday Morning Links/Tweets/Videos.

Washington Nationals' Pitching Coach Steve McCatty talks to the media Monday at the Nats' Spring Training facilities in Viera, Florida. (photo courtesy of <a href="" target="new"><strong>@NationalsPR</strong></a>)
Washington Nationals' Pitching Coach Steve McCatty talks to the media Monday at the Nats' Spring Training facilities in Viera, Florida. (photo courtesy of @NationalsPR)


On Twitter: @NationalsPR: You can't see Chris Marrero's footwork at first, but you can see the Nats' first base prospect at the plate in this video from the Nationals HERE: "Video: Chris Marrero during a BP today."

The Racing Presidents traveled to Uniondale, LI to appear at the Nassau Coliseum during an Islanders game on Presidents Day: Video: Presidents race on ice skates in New York « Let Teddy Win! by Presidents Race Fan.

William J. at the Yankee Analysts pulls out the FIW/FIP/LINLE* line for an article about Presidential Ceremonial First Pitchers. (ed. note - " * = FIW/FIP/LINLE = first in war, first in peace and last in the National League East.")Presidential Pitching | The Yankee Analysts

The circus at Space Coast Stadium surrounding Bryce Harper won't last long as he's going to be sent to minor league camp after a few AB's against major leaguers...'s Mark Zuckerman, "Harper circus shouldn't last long."

Nationals Fangirls' Jenn explores the Nats' chief concerns this Spring in Haiku form, adhering strictly to the 5-7-5 syllable count of the American version. ex. "With LaRoche at first/Nats defense will be better/He’s not Adam Dunn." -'s Jenn - "Haiku for playing the field."

Harper at Nationals Baseball wonders if MLB's new job offer is a dream job or baseball-overdose nightmare?Harper at Nationals Baseball: "Math Problem"'s Phil Wood wonders why not Washington for the Cards' Albert Pujols's Phil Wood: "Money talks, but would Pujols listen?

Mr. Wood mentions the LA Times' writer Bill Shaikin's mention of the Nats in an article about Pujols' destination. Here's what Mr. Shaikin said:

"If Pujols really is out to get a record-setting deal -- and he already has a championship ring, remember -- watch out for the Washington Nationals. The Nats have money to spend. They were the high bidders for Teixeira, and they blew away other teams by signing Jayson Werth for $126 million." - Where will Albert Pujols be playing in 2012? -'s survey of baseball writers on Pujols' destination...

The WaPost's Mr. Boswell talks to Davey Johnson, Pat Corrales and Livan Hernandez about Bryce Harper. Boz on Harp's first BP sessions:

"In his first spring training day in a Nationals uniform, Harper lined the first pitch back through the box, smashed the second over the right field fence through a cross wind and then practiced hitting liners to the opposite field." Washington Post's Thomas Boswell: "Bryce Harper makes everyone take notice."

• Around the NL East:

Rob Neyer continues his look at the best players of this decade, this time trying to figure out if there are any right fielders worth considering beside Atlanta's Jason Heyward. - MLB Players Of The Decade: The Line Forms Behind Jason Heyward In Right Field -

The Braves Could Have a Battle in Center Field - The Dilemma that is Nate McLouth and Jordan Schafer - Talking Chop - mvhsbball

Hanley Ramirez rolls into Spring Training in an Aston Martin..."Hanley Is Ready. Let Spring Training Begin." - FishStripes - GameFish

How many games will the Mets win this year? - "February WAR Projection" - Amazin' Avenue James Kannengieser

Phillies fans react to early Spring injury news on Cliff Lee...IT BEGINS!: Cliff Lee suffering from mild side strain - The Good Phight

Today's advice from the Dalai Lama on Twitter (@DalaiLama): 

"Developing altruism is one of the most powerful methods for countering negative tendencies and destructive impulses."

(ed. note - "As the Nats wrote on Twitter this afternoon, (@NationalsPR), "First full squad workout" today! We'll post updates from around NatsTown south in the comments section throughout the morning for anyone not on Twitter or otherwise unable to follow the Nats today in Viera, FL...")