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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/4/11

Longo vs. Zim is the closest position debate in all of baseball. They are so close in all aspects of their game that they might as well be the same person, and the CBS writers are split when it comes to selecting who is better. --William Yoder from

The Nationals sign Laynce Nix to a minor league deal. Yet another guy with the ability to play center field. Is Nyjer paying attention? --Ben Nicholson-Smith at

Nationals minor leaguer suspended for PEDs. The complete list that is included in the update is pretty interesting. --Dave Nichols at

Depth can turn to need quickly and while it appears the Nationals have a lot of catchers, Pudge is old, Ramos is unproven, Flores is injury prone, and Norris is a year or two away. Shopping Flores might not be the best idea. If Pudge is washed-up and Ramos proves to be a bust then who's the catcher if Flores is gone? --Mike Henderson at

The Nationals defense looks to be better in 2011, but one troubling bit of news is that players typically peak defensively before they do offensively. --Rob Neyer from

The Potomac Nationals have a new hitting coach, Mark Harris, and his philosophy is to judge each player as an individual. The best thing about that is it sounds a lot like Rick Eckstein. --Byron Kerr from 

Even more player projections came out yesterday. --David Appelman at  

The 2011 draft is strong in college pitching and the Nationals like college pitching and also have three of the top 40 picks. --Ben Goessling from

The White Sox sign Lastings Milledge. --Andrew Johnson from

General Baseball

One of the best things about owning an X-Box 360 is off-season baseball, and I have to say I am cheering for the D.R. to win it all, and the fact that their manager is a former undercover cop doesn't hurt in that regard. --Jesse Sanchez at

After 1994 who would have thought that MLB labor negotiations would be a model of efficiency. --Jeff Passan from

Andy Pettitte is retiring, and now the Hall of Fame debate can begin. --Rob Neyer at