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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/8/11

After the Smiley Gonzalez scandal the Nationals tore down their presence in the Dominican and two years later it looks like they are finally heading in the right direction. --Adam Kilgore from

If you are interested in learning more about how Dominican baseball is run then check out the documentary The Road to the Big Leagues.

When Luis Ayala recorded the final out for Mexico in their victory against Venezuala Monday evening he still had to wait until the Dominicans beat the Peurto Ricans to know that he was a champion. --Jesse Sanchez from

To say Bryce Harper is a super prospect might be an understatement as he has exceeded every unrealistic expectation placed on him. Ok then, I expect Harper to go 1.000/1.000/4.000 in Spring Training, exceed that Mr. Harper. --William Yoder at

The two biggest additions made to the Nats this off-season were Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche. Jim Duquette breaks down those moves and more as we are now in the final stretch to Spring Training.

Most Nationals fans would have three different questions for the team in 2011, but outside perspective is always welcome and the outside world views the important questions as: Werth a great signing or awful, Zimmerman a true superstar, and can the team win in 2012 or 2013? --The Common Man at 

The team might be more talented in 2011 but the record might take a step backwards before taking a leap forward in 2012. --Steve Henson from  


Some of these fantasy projections seem quite hopeful.

If last years numbers are any indication then the Nationals will continue to have trouble getting on base in 2011. --Harper at

Some of these names were surprising to me as to who has had the best season by position for the Nationals.

When Spring Training begins position battles will heat up, but aside from back-up catcher and a few spots on the bench not much appears to be open. Of course did anyone think right field was an opening this time last year? --Adam Kilgore at

Nats Park is one of the worlds greenest stadiums. --Nicholas Mukhar from 

Strasburg is only the latest pitcher to have TJS, and while guys like Chris Carpenter, Josh Johnson, and Tim Hudson have bounced back it is no guarantee. --Mac at

It is the new names that were added in 2010 that helped the Nationals move up 10 spots in Baseball America's rankings. --Sue Dinem from

The Nationals signing of Jayson Werth did accomplish one thing. It might have weakened the Phillies offense slightly, but Domonic Brown should be able to fill that hole in short order. --Rob Neyer at

Baseball Proespectus is having a book signing event in D.C. on March 7th. --Mike Henderson from  

When Adrian Nieto tested positive a Metabolite was sited. That is the residue left behind after the body processes the steroid. --Maury Brown at

General Baseball

Andy Pettitte's stats in the post-season aren't much better than Andy Pettitte's stats in the regular season, but only good teams make it to the post-season so those stats should be more valuable, but that exact value is unknown. --Joe Posnanski at

Michael Young has a bad contract and doesn't want to bounce from position to position anymore, but for years he was the face of the Texas Rangers franchise, and moving him could prove difficult for many reasons, but the Rangers are going to try. --Rob Neyer from