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Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/9/11

As a follow-up to the story that ran in The Post Kilgore fills us in on some of the stuff that didn't make the paper and why it is important to have a home base. --Adam Kilgore from

When some people look at Ian Desmond all they see are the 34 errors, but Desmond is a player a lot of other teams want not just for his potential, but also for his hustle. --Phil Wood at

Joining Desmond in the middle infield this year will be Danny Espinosa who displays great attitude and answers every question asked of him the right way. This is the type of player teams want on the field. One that just wants to quietly go about their business, do what is asked of them, and have a desire to always get better.

Eury Perez still has to get better at getting on base, but when he does he is a dangerous man. He is also a plus defender and will be a prospect to watch in 2011.

Ryan Zimmerman is the most underrated player in baseball. --Rory Paap from      

The Nationals signed or traded for a number of outfielders this Winter and many of them have a history in centerfield. Nyjer Morgan could very well be on the hot seat. --Ben Goessling at

One of those outfielders is Rick Ankiel who is currently taking his cuts with his former Cardinals teammates.

Grading the relievers by who has the best chance to head north once Spring Training wraps up. --Joe Drugan at

Ryan Zimmerman wants an extension if he feels the Nationals can be a winning team, Nyjer Morgan is the only true lead-off hitter the Nationals have, and this years crop of pitchers are nothing like the 2007 crop. --Bill Ladson at

John Lannan took the autotrain down to Viera. --Adam Kilgore from

I am not sure what the point of this letter is or if the person is upset because "real women smoke" or "read women smoke" or something else entirely. Dan Steinberg via

Spring Training sounds like it would be fun and if you are going then here is a guide to all the fun that is Viera. --Mark Zuckerman from

A review of Sickels' grades for Nats minor league pitchers. --Sue Dinem at

I actually had to be reminded once before that Cintron was once on the Nationals. That is how traumatic it was, and now he is back. At least now it will take a few more injuries before he is in the majors. --Bill Ladson from

Another minor league catcher suspended. --Mark Zuckerman from

General Baseball

The Caribbean Series used to be full of major league stars, but now it is full of the Karim Garcias and Kevin Barkers of the world. --Joe Lemire at

The Winter Nats hitting coach Rick Eckstein donated his kidney to his younger brother, and now Wake Forest baseball coach has donated his kidney to a freshman baseball player. --RAJohnson from

I don't normally disagree with Posnanski and this is a very small thing, but when looking at birth years of Hall of Fame pitchers all 110 years after 1900 shouldn't count. There are no pitchers in the Hall of Fame that were born after 1961 so comparing so it is really more like the 50 years leading up to 1900 vs. 60 years after. Either way that is a very small nitpick and the breakdown of Hall of Famers be decade they were born in is still very interesting. --Joe Posnanski from