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Washington Nationals vs Detroit Tiger: Theater Of The Mind GameThread.

• Programming Note: There's no TV, or radio coverage of this afternoon's game at Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Florida between the Washington Nationals and Detroit Tigers, but you can follow along with the Gameday box score and the MLB At Bat 11 app on your smartphone. And of course we'll be following along live here in today's Theater of the Mind gamethread. So close your eyes and read alon...wait that won't work. So turn off your mind, relax and float downstrea--...wait, those are Beatles' lyrics...Uh, whatever, everyone can just follow along in the comments if they want to...If they want to...I'm checking it out...I'm checking it out...Wait, those are Talking Heads' lyrics...

• Today's Washington Nationals' Starting Lineup: 

  1. NMISTLM - CF Nyjer Morgan
  2. Ian "Franking" Desmond - SS
  3. Jayson Werth - RF
  4. THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! - 3B (Word.)
  5. The People's Champion Michael Morse - LF
  6. Wilson "Duke of Lizards" Ramos - DH
  7. Jerry Hairston - 2B
  8. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez -  C
  9. Chris Marrero - 1B
  10. Jason Marquis - SP
• Who's following the Nationals?