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Washington Nationals vs St. Louis Cardinals: Livan Hernandez GameThread.

• Programming Note: Mr. National Himself Livan Hernandez starts for the Washington Nationals this afternoon when the Nats take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 1:05 pm EDT in Jupiter, Florida's Roger Dean Stadium. It's back to the live box score on MLB Gameday and the MLB At Bat 11 app if you want to follow today's Grapefruit League action live as Livo and the Nats take on right-hander Chris Carpenter and the Cards...

• Monday Washington Nationals' Starting Lineup: 

  1. NMIHFS - Nyjer Morgan - CF
  2. Ian "Franking" Desmond - SS
  3. Laynce Nix - RF
  4. Adam LaRoche - 1B
  5. The People's Champion Michael Morse - LF
  6. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - C
  7. Danny "Glover" Espinosa - 2B
  8. Alex Cora - 3B
  9. Mr. National Himself Livan Hernandez - SP
• Who's Following The Nationals?