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Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros: Tuesday Spring GameThread.

• Programming Note: The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros Tuesday afternoon tilt starts at 1:05 pm EDT live in Viera, Florida's Space Coast Stadium. Today's Grapefruit League game will be broadcast via Houston's radio feed. So that means it's MLB Gameday Radio, the audio from's At Bat 11 app or Sirius/XM ch. 183 if you plan on following along this afternoon as Nats' lefty John Lannan with 'Stros lefty Wandy Rodriguez.

• Tuesday Washington Nationals' Lineup: 

  1. Jerry Hairston - CF
  2. Ian "Brooklyn Brawler" Desmond - SS
  3. Jayson Werth - RF
  4. The People's Champion Michael Morse - LF
  5. Wilson "Duke of Lizards" Ramos - C
  6. Danny "Glover" Espinosa - 2B
  7. Brian Bixler - 3B
  8. Alberto "The New 1B General" Gonzalez - 1B
  9. John "Cool Hand" Lannan - Eatin' 40 Eggs
• Who's Listening To The Nationals?