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Talking Washington Nationals With Brotherly Glove: FB Interview.

Brotherly Glove: What is/are your realistic wish(es) for the Nats in 2011?

Federal Baseball: Continued progress by Espinosa, Desmond, Storen, Zimmermann and eventually Strasburg. Any improvement to Ryan Zimmerman's already-great game. A big improvement behind the plate from Wilson Ramos. I want to see Ross Detwiler justify his first round selection. I want Cole Kimball's fastball unleashed on the majors. I want Collin Balester to become Drew Storen's main set-up man. Balester's filthy and he's just figured it out, I think. I want to see Desmond and Espinosa become the next Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez up the middle of the Nats' infield but with more power. And I want a September call-up for Derek Norris so everyone can see his already-legendary patience. And for the last few weeks I want a tease of what a Strasburg, Zimmermann rotation will look like.

What? Are those not realistic wishes? The rest of the interview I did with Corey Seidman of and is up over at Brotherly Glove now. Check it out HERE.